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Downloads für XORO HRT 7622NP

User Manual for XORO HRT 7622NP

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User Manual (Czech) 908 KB Download
Manuale d'uso / User Manual (Italian, English) 2 MB Download

Firmware for XORO HRT 7622NP / HRT 7624NP (Latest Version)

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Firmware (Version 12.05.2023) 4 MB Download
Installationsanleitung (Für Version, Deutsch) 4 KB Download
Release Notes (For Version, English) 4 KB Download
Guida all'installazione (per la versione, italiano) 4 KB Download

EU Declaration of Conformity XORO HRT 7622NP

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EU Declaration of Conformity (English) 70 KB Download
EU-Konformitätserklärung (deutsch) 74 KB Download

Firmware Update via Internet

The HRT 7622NP can download a new firmware over the Internet if the Receiver in connected to a Network using a Ethernet cable. Go to MENU/USB/Network Apps/Upgrade by network and follow the insturctions on screen. Please check the release notes for the latest firmware, too.